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Thomas A. Torrenti, P.C. Founded in 1986, Thomas A. Torrenti, P.C. is a full service consulting structural engineering firm specializing in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential building projects. Throughout the firm‘s history, we have provided comprehensive structural engineering services including design, analysis, investigations, threshold reviews, inspections, feasibility studies and construction administration. Successfully completed projects have ranged in excess of seventy-five million dollars in construction value.

In addition to being engaged in structural engineering for over thirty years, Mr. Torrenti worked in commercial construction early in his career, functioning in various field and office capacities. This familiarity with construction, coupled with diverse experience, enables the firm to produce design5 that place a strong emphasis on practicality, serviceability and constructability, resulting in expeditious construction and added project economy.

With this knowledge and philosophy, we endeavor to satisfy the objectives of our valued clients, many of whom we are proud to serve on a repetitive basis.

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